Are you planning to buy Preethi mixer grinder? Congratulations! Your choice is absolutely amazing! πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ Are you also trying to figure out the difference between Preethi Zodiac and Zodiac 2.0?

Well begun is half done. πŸ‘ You’ve already shortlisted the two best-selling models from the house of Preethi.

Now, the understanding about Preethi Zodiac 2.0 vs Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is all you need to be able to buy the dream mixer grinder for your beautiful home.


Correct Name (Model) of Preethi Zodiac and Preethi Zodiac 2.0 Mixer Grinders

Preethi Zodiac

Before going ahead with the Preethi Zodiac vs Preethi Zodiac 2.0 comparison, it would be good to be aware of the exact model name.

πŸ‘‰ The model name of the Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder, as it is popularly called, is Preethi Zodiac MG 218.

It’s often referred to as Preethi Zodiac 1.0.

βœ… Preethi Zodiac = Preethi Zodiac MG 218
βœ… Preethi Zodiac 1.0 = Preethi Zodiac MG 218

So, we are also referring to the Preethi Zodiac or Preethi Zodiac 1.0 mixer grinder as Zodiac MG 218 for the sake of clarity. 😊

Preethi Zodiac 2.0

Earlier, the model name of the Preethi Zodiac 2.0 mixer grinder used to be MG 235. It used to come with a 750-watt motor.

However, Preethi has recently upgraded the motor of Preethi Zodiac 2.0 to 1000 watts from the earlier 750 and has launched this new model as MG 255.

So, we’re comparing the latest version – the Preethi Zodiac 2.0 MG 255 that runs on the new 1000 Watts motor with Preethi Zodiac.. 😊


Difference between Preethi Zodiac and Preethi Zodiac 2.0

Let’s quickly compare Preethi Zodiac MG 218 vs Preethi Zodiac 2.0.

Model NameZodiac 2.0Zodiac MG 218
Number of Jars45
Wet Jar1.5 L1.5 L
Dry JarNot available1.0 L
Chutney Jar0.5 L0.5 L
3-in-1 Insta Fresh Fruit Jar1.2 L1.2 L
Master Chef Jar2.1 L2.1 L
Number of Speeds43
Pre-set menusYes, 4 menusNo
Enrich+ Precision grinding menusYesNo
Calculative Rotation ControlYesNo
Overload Protection featureYesYes
Body MaterialABS PlasticABS Plastic
Blade MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Wattage1000 Watts750 Watts
Dimensions LxWxH (cm)39 x 24.5 x 5032 x 63 x 32
Weight (kg)88.5
Motor Warranty5 Years5 Years
Product Warranty2 Years2 Years
Check Price on AmazonPrice of ZODIAC 2.0Price of ZODIAC
MG 218
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 vs 2.0

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder 750 watts – Review


Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder – 750W

Check Price on Amazon

Overall Score – 4.9/5

Score on Key Performance Parameters

Ease of Use4.9
Food Processing Quality4.9
Ease to maintain5.0
Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder – 750 watts

Why should you buy it?

Buying the Preethi Zodiac 750W Watts Mixer Grinder lets you own a Winner of Guinness World Record. It holds the World Record for making the tallest cupcake tower.

You feel more empowered with the 750W Vega W5 Motor which comes with a 5-year warranty.

The motor has been designed to be tough and efficient.

It can continuously grind for 30 minutes. And you can even grind hard ingredients like roasted turmeric in just 2 minutes.

The 1.0-liter Dry Grinding Jar, the 0.5-liter Chutney Jar, and the 1.5-liter Wet Jar are your perfect kitchen companions.They have been designed to handle all your kitchen chores with ease.

Serve your family the freshly extracted hygienic juices!

Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder makes extraction of juices, coconut milk, and tamarind essence easy. And kids love shakes & smoothies. 🍹πŸ₯€πŸ§ƒ Make them all in seconds!

Your safety is assured with the Safety Indicator which cautions if the mixer grinder is overloaded. This also increases the durability of the motor.

And for that complete peace of mind, the Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder comes with guaranteed free service for a lifetime. In the unfortunate event of it breaking down, you don’t have to pay any labor charges on your mixer grinder’s service.

The Design and its Benefits

The mixer grinder looks great with its Triangle grip shape. And the wider base ensures greater stability while kneading and grinding.

The motor’s design makes it sturdy and increases its longevity. The faster cooling of the motor prolongs motor life. Thanks to its innovative 3D Cooling Technology!

How is it different from the previous models?

It’s certainly superior to the previous models of Preethi mixer grinders because the overall quality and efficiency have been increased.

The new attachments and better performance are noticeable. As a result, you can do everything using the mixer grinder and save your time too.

Why is this best for you?

This model is best for you if you’re looking for a fast and efficient mixer grinder that works perfectly well.

Also, if you’re looking for a durable mixer grinder, this model is perfect for you because it comes with a 5-year warranty.

Preethi Zodiac | Video courtesy – Preethi India

Merits & Demerits

Let’s look at some of the Benefits (Pros) & Drawbacks (Cons) of this product.


  • Powerful motor – 750 watts
  • Tough body
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Rotary Switch with 3 Speed and Pulse
  • Efficient performance


  • Being an efficient mixer grinder, it ought to be a little expensive


Preethi Zodiac 2.0 – 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder

Check Price on Amazon

Overall Score – 5/5

Score on Key Performance Parameters

Ease of Use5.0
Food Processing Quality5.0
Ease to maintain5.0
Preethi Zodiac 2.0 Mixer Grinder – 1000 watts

Why should you buy it?

Preethi Zodiac 2.0 is way ahead when it comes to technology. This is one of the best Preethi mixer grinders.

It is propelled by the powerful Sigma W2 1000 Watts Motor that has been tested for 96 hours.

Preethi Zodiac 2 0 1000 Watt | Video courtesy – Preethi Home Appliances

One of the standout features is the Enrich+ Precision Grinding Menus, developed through three years of extensive research by expert chefs, nutritionists, and engineers.

This technology customizes the speed, torque, time, and duration of each recipe, ensuring perfect taste, nutrition, and texture with just a press of a button.

The mixer-grinder enhances the bioavailability of nutrients in your daily food, making absorption easier and ensuring your meals are neither over-processed nor under-processed.

Preethi Zodiac 2.0 – Enrich Your Food | Video Courtesy – Preethi India

The unique feature of this model is that your work is almost half done with the innovative Enrich+ pre-programmed grinding menus.

πŸ‘‰ Just select from the menu options – Batter, Coconut Chutney, Atta Kneading, and Puree – and the ingredients are processed to perfection.

You get better consistency and texture with these customized menus which also retain the nutrition of food items.

You’d be surprised to know the time it takes to do these tasks.

Preparing Batter takes 90 seconds flat. Wow! πŸ˜€

Video Courtesy – Preethi India

Chutney grinding is almost instant. Unbelievable! πŸ€”

Video Courtesy – Preethi India

Atta Kneading takes just 1 minute. Awesome! πŸ‘

Video Courtesy – Preethi India

Puree takes a little less than 2 minutes. Makes you happy! 😍

Video Courtesy – Preethi India

Isn’t it amazing? 😊

The Preethi Zodiac 2.0 comes with a 1.2-liters Master Chef+ Jar. It takes perfect care of all your needs like chopping, mincing, grating, and slicing. It’s really fast and processes the stuff with precision.

Preethi Zodiac 2.0 with Master Chef + Jar 2.1L | Video courtesy – Preethi Kitchen Appliances

You also get the option for continuous juicing of citrus fruit like oranges – an excellent source of vitamin C. And you can run it continuously to extract juice from over two to three dozens of fruits.

Like its predecessor, the Preethi Zodiac 2.0 comes with a 1.2-liters 3-in-1 Insta Fresh Juicer Jar. It gives you nutritious juice without the pulp and seeds. Enjoy your favorite shakes and smoothies every day!

3-in-1 Insta Fresh Fruit Juicer Jar | Video Courtesy – Preethi India

Also, it comes with a 1.5 liters Grinding Jar and a 0.5 liters Chutney Jar.

Just like the predecessor model, this model, too, comes with an Overload Protection feature. This is an important safety feature that increases the life of the motor.

And the promise of free service for a lifetime and no labor charges remains the same as that of the previous model.

The Design and its Benefits

The Preethi Zodiac 2.0 features a unique Tripod design which makes it compact. It also features suction feet for sturdy placement and easy usage.

How is it different from the previous models?

However, it is different from and better than the previous model.

When it was launched, it inherited the same powerful 750W Vega W5 Motor from the previous model. But the new model boasts an even more powerful Sigma W2 1000 W Motor.

The pre-programmed menus are unique to this variant of the Zodiac mixer grinder series.

And you also get the advantage of Powersafe Mode. This new safety feature prevents accidental spillage.

Why is this best for you?

This model is best for you if you’re looking for a feature-rich mixer grinder that can make your life easy.

If you’ve less time to devote to cooking, this model is perfect for you because the pre-programmed options work very well to process the stuff easily and efficiently.

And the safety features are best-in-the-class, too.

Merits & Demerits

Let’s look at some of the Benefits (Pros) & Drawbacks (Cons) of this product.


  • Powerful motor – 750 watts
  • Pre-programmed menus are handy to use
  • Sturdy ABS body
  • Durable Stainless Steel Blades
  • Amazing performance


  • Being a feature-rich juicer mixer grinder, it ought to be a little expensive

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You must’ve noticed while looking at the Preethi Zodiac vs Preethi Zodiac 2.0 above that both models are efficient, durable, and feature the latest technology.

These models are loaded with several features to add convenience and speed to your daily kitchen chores.

Just to reiterate, the major difference between Preethi Zodiac 2.0 and MG 218:-

πŸ‘‰ Preeti Zodiac is a powerful and efficient mixer grinder that can be regarded as your best kitchen companion. This comes with an additional 1.0 L Dry Jar in comparison with Preethi Zodiac 2.0.

πŸ‘‰ Preethi Zodiac 2.0 comes with Enrich+ Precision grinding menus (pre-programmed menus) that save your time and work with perfection. The quality of the product, as well as the processing, is simply superb! πŸ‘

Go ahead and buy the one of your choice, now!


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ModelSound in Decibels (dB) JarsWatt
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Philips Simply Silent (HL1643/06)87 dB5600
Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond80 dB3750
Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum (MG139)85 dB4750
Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft (MGKK50B3)80 dB3500

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