Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide

Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide – India – 2023

Are you looking for a comprehensive Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide?

When it comes to purchasing a washing machine, there are a lot of options to consider. Front-load washing machines have become increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and water-saving capabilities.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why having a buying guide specifically tailored to front-load washing machines can be extremely helpful.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most important factors to consider when purchasing a front-load washing machine, including capacity, energy efficiency, features, brand and reliability, maintenance, and cost.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision and find the perfect front-load washing machine for your home.

Not only this, but we also have recommendations about the best Front Load Fully Automatic washing machine under ₹30000 in India in 2023, along with the washing machine buying tips. You can view the prices and buy front-load washing machine online, right from here!

Washing Machine Buying Guide India 2023 – Front Load Washing Machine Guide

Washing machines cost a lot of money. So, it’s important to carefully pick one. Let’s quickly have a look at the comprehensive Front Load Washing Machine Guide!

Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide

Wondering what to look at when buying a Front Load Washing Machine? The primary function of a washing machine is to make your cloth washing work easier. This is one appliance that has become a necessity in every household. Therefore, you need to have a good understanding of how to select a good washing machine. Read on our ultimate front load washing machine buying guide!

buying guide for washing machines
Buying Guide for Washing Machines


Best Front Load Washing Machines Under 30000 - Capacity

When considering the capacity of a front-load washing machine, it’s important to think about the size of your household and the amount of laundry you typically do.

Washing machine capacity is typically measured in kilograms.

A larger capacity machine means being able to hold more laundry per wash cycle.

However, a larger-capacity machine may not be necessary if you have a smaller household and don’t do as much laundry.

It’s worth knowing that overloading a machine can cause damage to the drum and affect the quality of the wash while under-utilizing a machine can waste energy and water.

Factors that can affect washing machine capacity include the type of laundry you typically do, such as bulky items like comforters or bedding, as well as the frequency of your laundry routine.

Energy Efficiency

Best Front Load Washing Machines Under 30000 - Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when purchasing a front load washing machine.

An energy-efficient machine can help to save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency is typically measured by the machine’s energy rating, with higher ratings indicating a more efficient machine.

Special Features

Best Front Load Washing Machines Under 30000 - Special Features

Front-load washing machines come with a range of features that can make your laundry routine easier and more efficient.

However, not all features may be necessary or useful for your needs.

Some important features to consider include load sensors, which can adjust the water usage based on the size of the load, steam cleaning, which can help to remove tough stains and odors, and cycle options, such as quick wash or eco wash, which can save time and energy.

When choosing features for your washing machine, it’s important to consider your specific needs and laundry routine.

Brand Reputation and Reliability

Best Front Load Washing Machines Under 30000 - Brand Reputation

The brand reputation and reliability of a washing machine are important factors to consider, as they can impact the lifespan and overall performance of the machine.

Factors that can affect washing machine reliability include the build quality of the machine, the quality of the components, and the machine’s warranty.

A longer warranty period can provide peace of mind and protect against unexpected repairs.

Maintenance and Cost

Maintaining your washing machine is important to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and runs efficiently.

Factors that can affect the maintenance requirements of a washing machine include the type of drum.

In addition to maintenance requirements, it’s important to consider the cost of the washing machine and ongoing maintenance costs.

Look for machines with a balance between upfront cost and long-term value, and consider factors such as energy efficiency and durability when making a purchase.

By considering all of these factors when purchasing a front-load washing machine, you can ensure that you make an informed decision and choose the right machine for your needs.

Benefits of Front Load Washing Machine – Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide

Front load washing machines have several benefits over the top loading washing machines. As such, a little higher cost is justified. But that gets paid off in the long run due to its lower running cost.

Benefits of front loading washing machine

Benefits of Front Load Washing Machine

Energy Saving

Front Loading washing machines use less electricity than Top Loaders. This makes them relatively more energy-efficient. Save on your electricity bill with front loaders!

Water Saving

In a Front Loader, the drum is only partially filled while your laundry gets washed, unlike a Top Loader. This clearly implies that a Front Loading washing machine uses a lot less water. So you can contribute towards water conservation by using a front loader.

Gentler on clothes

The Front Loaders wash your laundry load using the gravity-aided tumble wash mechanism. The absence of the central agitator in front load washers makes them gentler on clothes and also increases their lifespan. Therefore, Front loaders take care of your precious clothes and keep them as good as new.

Less Noise

Next, the Front loaders are much more technically advanced. As such, they produce a lot less vibration and noise while operating. You can even sleep while the washing machine is functioning. Isn’t it awesome?

Variety of Wash Programmes

The front loaders usually come with more variations in wash programs. This makes them fit to handle most cloth types – regular as well as delicate ones.

Compact Design

Finally, due to their compact design, the front loaders occupy lesser space than their counterparts – the top loaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Front Load washer weigh?

Wondering how much does a front loader washing machine weigh? On average, front load washers weigh about 80 kilograms.

How tall is a Front Load washing machine?

An average Front Load washing machine is about 34 inches tall.

How much electricity does a Front Load washing machine use?

The electricity which a Front Load washing machine uses is about 0.089 kWh/kg/cycle. Going by this general guideline, the energy consumption of a 7kg front load washer is about 0.62 kWh per wash cycle.


The Best Front Load Washing Machines in India 2023

BrandCapacityEnergy Efficiency RatingOverall Rating Score
Bosch6 Kg5 star4.1/5
LG7 Kg5 star4.4/5
Samsung6 Kg5 star4.1/5
IFB6.5 Kg5 star4.3/5
Panasonic6 Kg5 star3.6/5
Best Front Load Washing Machines in India 2023

Types of Washing Machine in India

To begin with, it is important to understand that washing machines can be classified into two broad categories:

  1. Fully Automatic Washing Machines, and
  2. Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines, as the name suggests, are designed to work automatically. They don’t require much manual involvement. You just need to load your dirty clothes into the machine and set the wash program of your choice. The washing machine takes care of the rest and gives you perfectly washed clothes.

On the other hand, semi automatic washing machines need more manual involvement. These machines come with two separate tubs– for washing and drying. You need to load your laundry first to the washtub. Once the wash cycle gets completed, the clothes are required to be manually transferred to the rinse tub for rinsing and drying.

The semi-automatic machines come with limited features, wash programs, and modes. As such, they are comparatively cheaper than the fully automatic washing machines. Many models are available for under ₹15,000.

The next important thing to understand is that the fully automatic washing machines are further available in two types:

  1. Top Loading Washing machines
  2. Front Loading Washing machines

As is evident from the name itself, the visible difference lies in the way you load the laundry – from the top or from the front. In addition to this, they also differ substantially in terms of the technology they use. We’ll take you through these differences in detail and help you become wiser to choose the right one for you. 🙂

Top loading washing machines further come in two variants.

  • Machines with agitator
  • Machines with impeller

What is the difference between agitator and impeller?

An agitator is the vertically standing stick-like plastic structure inside the washtub attached to the motor. It moves (agitates) repeatedly in both directions and makes the water, as well as clothes, move along with it. This movement of clothes and water helps to clean stains and dirt by rubbing against the clothes.

It causes the water to move within the washtub and even gives rise to gentle foam. However, this movement also leads to the vibration of the washing machine.

On the other hand, impellers are small plastic discs, wheels, or cones that are attached to the washing tub, either on the sidewall or at the bottom. The motor moves the impeller which in turn moves the clothes. This movement leads to gentle rubbing of the clothes against each other. This is precisely the way the clothes are cleaned in a top loader machine with an impeller.

Which is better – agitator or impeller?

In comparison to machines with agitators, the machines with impellers are better at cleaning. Moreover, the agitator occupies a considerable room within the wash tub lowering the overall capacity of the washer.

It is not uncommon for the clothes to get tangled with the agitator while washing. This may lead to the clothes losing their grace and shine.

The top loading washing machines with agitators have shorter wash cycles whereas the ones with impellers use less water.

Difference between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines in India – Front Load Washing Machine Buying Guide

Various brands offer both Front Loaders and Top Loaders in different models based on their types, sizes, features, technology on which they run, and more such factors.

Which is the best – top loading or front loading washing machine?

Wondering if a front load washing machine is good or top load one? Well, the answer to this question lies in your intended usage and preferences.

While shortlisting the best washing machines, the significant factors which you must consider are listed below. A comparison of both top loading and front loading washing machines will help you to choose the one suitable for your requirements.

Convenience of Use

In a front loading machine, the door is located at the front of the unit. This simply means that you need to load and unload the clothes from the front. This will require you to bend your back a little in order to do so. Therefore, it might be a little difficult for an elderly person or someone with back pain to use (load/unload) the front loading washing machine.

how to choose a washing machine
Clothes in a Front Load Washing Machine are loaded from the front

However, in top loading washing machines the clothes are loaded and unloaded from the top, without bending your back.

Does this mean that the top loaders are better than front loaders as far as loading and unloading of clothes is concerned? Yes, because it is less stressful on your back.

But we have a solution that really works well!

This drawback can be removed from the front loading machines by sitting on a chair of appropriate height while loading and unloading the laundry. So no more strain on your back!

Another advantage of top loading machines is that if you are forgetful or accidentally miss out on some laundry and initiate the wash process, you have the flexibility to add it mid-cycle. This simply means that you can halt the wash process, add the clothes, and restart the cycle. Notably, the wash cycle starts from the very same point where it had stopped. This feature adds flexibility to the entire process of washing. However, most of the renowned brands have added this feature of mid-cycle addition of clothes to their premium front loaders too.

Also, the Top load washers are better equipped to removing lint and fluff more efficiently from the laundry load. Moreover, the top loaders distribute the additives like blue, after wash fabric conditioner, etc. more evenly than the front loading machines.

Consequently, the top load machines have a better score than their front load counterparts on the aspect of being convenient for use.

Wash Quality

When it comes to the efficiency in washing, the front loaders come loaded with various advanced features. Even the wash cycles and programs are more in number, thereby adding more flexibility to the washing process. The varied programs make it possible to handle all types of laundry loads effectively – whether regular ones, heavy or delicate. Apart from this, the inbuilt heater in front loaders increases their washing efficiency. Many models of top loading machines too come with inbuilt heaters enabling laundry washing in hot water.

The top loaders come with agitators to move and clean the clothes. Whereas these agitators are not present in front loaders as they use tumbling action to rotate and move the clothes during washing.  As a result, the front load variants are more fabric-friendly and gentler on your clothes as compared to the top load variants.

Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that washing heavy items like curtains, towels, foot-mats, pillowcases, bedsheets, and quilt-covers is easier and effective in front loaders. This is because, being bulkier, they do not soak completely into the water in top loaders.

When it comes to cleaning the clothes efficiently, the front loading machines are superior.

Difference between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines in India
Front Load Washing Machines are more efficient at washing

The front-loading washing machines are ahead of the top load machines on the parameter of wash quality.


The front loading washing machines have more elaborate wash programs and also more stages in wash cycles. Hence, depending on the program which you select, they may take a little longer to finish the wash process.  In comparison, the top loading washing machines have relatively simpler features and wash programs. They normally are faster than the front loaders.

To conclude, the top load machines are generally faster than the front loaders.

Water Consumption

The top loaders use more water to dip the clothes in the drum. As such they use a lot more water than a front load washing machine. On the other hand, front loaders do not dip the clothes entirely and use tumbling action to lift and drop the clothes gently while washing. As such, it uses up to 40% less water than a top loader.

A front loader has an edge over the top loader when it comes to water usage.

Electricity Consumption

The next important consideration is the factor of power consumption. Though the wash cycles of front loaders take longer to complete, they work at a slow speed. Here too, the front loaders score more than top loaders. 

Moreover, it is felt that the front load washing machines are also eco-friendly.

Thus, on the aspect of power consumption, the front loading washing machines definitely fare better than the top loaders.

Rinsing & Drying

In addition to the washing quality, the performance in rinsing and drying is an important parameter. The spin speed is an important factor when it comes to removing the detergent water while rinsing the clothes and drying them.

There is a separate spin tub in semi automatic washing machines that rotates at a great speed. Therefore, these are superior to fully automatic washing machines when it comes to removing water from the clothes.

When it comes to drying clothes, the top loaders win.

Front Load Washing Machine Gasket Cleaning – Removing Molds and mildew formation

How to Clean mold from front load washer gasket?

The front loaders often have the problem of moulds build-up on the surface of the drum. This is particularly more common in the area around the rubber gasket of the door.

But these can be managed well by cleaning the washing machine once in a while.

Occasional cleaning of the area can stop the accumulation of moisture in the washing machine.

Tips to maintain a front-load washing machine - Clean the machine regularly


After use, let the door of the washing machine remain slightly open for some time to let it dry completely.

Placing the washing machine in a properly ventilated area can go a long way to prevent the formation of moulds.

Due to the above, it is felt that front load washing machines need more care than the top load machines.

On the other hand, the top loading washing machines do not have such issues and require less care to maintain.

As far as the factor of upkeep of washing machine is concerned, the top loaders are preferred to the front loaders.


Not much a complication! Both front and top loading washing machines are equally easy to install.

Space concerns

A semi automatic machine has two tubs – separate for washing and drying. These are bulkier than fully automatic machines and occupy more space. However, if we compare front loaders with top loaders, we find that the front loaders occupy less space. 

Indian households do not normally require dryers. This is because we usually have adequate space in our homes to dry the clothes on a clothesline.


It is a good practice to dry the clothes under the sun after washing.

front load washing machine guide
Dry the clothes under the sun

This helps to get rid of the micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and saves from several diseases as well as skin infections.

But if you intend to buy a dryer as well, it will require additional space.

If dryers are to be used, Front load washing machines are practical because the dryer can be comfortably placed above the washing machine.

This isn’t possible in the case of the top loaders. The washing machine and the dryer are required to be placed separately. Consequently, more space is required.

As such, where dryers are to be installed, the front loading machines score more than the top loading machines.


The upfront cost of front loading washing machines is more than that of the top loaders. This is because of the superior technology and a vast variety of functions and features the front loaders come with.

However, the running cost of a front loader is less than that of a top loader. This, in a way, makes up for the initial cost of purchasing the front load machine, in the long run.          

washing machine buying guide
Front Load Machines cost more but have a lower running cost

A top loading washing machine costs less to purchase, but has more running cost.

The capacity of the washing machine (in Kg) also has a bearing on the price. You should select the washing machine which best suits your family size and requirement.

Washing Machine capacity for 4 persons

For example, if the size of your family is 4-5 persons, you can go for a washing machine having a capacity of 7 Kg. The approximate number of clothes which it can wash is 3 shirts, 2 pairs of children’s jeans, 2 pairs of adult jeans, or 3 small towels, 3 dish towels, 2 pillow covers, 2 bedsheets.

You can read our article How to Select Washing Machine Capacity?

Thus, if the initial cost is seen the top loading machines are better placed. However, if the running cost (in the long run) is seen, front loaders are clear winners.

The above points fairly bring out the differences between front load and top load washing machines.


The Best Top Load Washing Machines in India 2023

BrandImpeller TypeCapacityOverall Rating Score
WhirlpoolHexa Bloom Impeller7.5 Kg4.1/5
LGPunch+3 Impeller6.5 Kg4.4/5
SamsungCenter Jet Impeller6.5 Kg4.3/5
Best Top Load Washers – Fully Automatic with Impeller Drum

The Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India 2023

BrandCapacityEnergy Efficiency RatingOverall Rating Score
Whirlpool7 Kg5 star4.9/5
Samsung6 Kg5 star4.8/5
LG8 Kg5 star4.9/5
Panasonic6.5 Kg5 star4.7/5
Onida6.5 Kg5 star4.8/5
Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India 2023

Washing Machine Buying Guide Amazon

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Washing Machine Maintenance Tips & Tricks – How to maintain Front Load Washer?

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips
Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

How to maintain front load washing machine?

Won’t it be great if your washing machine remains in a good condition for years together?  Well, certainly yes…

Read on to know how to maintain front load washer!

Today, we are heavily dependent on our washing machines to do the tiresome task of washing clothes. Whether the fabric is cotton, woolen, or silk, the modern machines handle them all!

Even the bulky clothes like curtains, towels, and bedsheets can be accommodated well by these machines. Moreover, buying a washing machine costs us a good amount. It, therefore, becomes our responsibility to take care of such an important appliance.

How to care for front load washing machine?

With regular use, there ought to be some level of wear and tear of the machine. But can we do anything to minimize this? Let’s look at some dos and don’ts which will help to enhance the durability of your washing machine.

Front Load Washing Machine – How to Clean? Deep Cleaning

When new, washing machines are the most efficient. They are meant to clean even the most soiled clothes and remove tough stains effortlessly. However, with continued usage, its efficiency is bound to diminish.

Scaling or accumulation of white-colored residue on the drum and drainpipes is a common problem. It is more common in areas that have hard water.

If such is the case, you should use a water softener to prevent the build-up of moulds and mildews. Also, it is recommended to deep clean your machine, a bit more frequently, using a strong machine cleaner. It helps to remove the white deposits and maintain the overall efficiency of the washing machine.

Protection of the outer body

If not taken care of, the body of the washing machine might begin to rust and corrode. Corrosion occurs due to humidity.

While the washing machine is designed to handle water internally, the external area must be kept free of water. As such, it is advisable to wipe it dry after every use. Also, it’s a good idea to keep it protected with a washing machine cover after use.

This will prevent the washing machine from accumulating dust particles and humidity.

Wipe clean the door, the front of the detergent chamber, and the instrument panel with a dry cloth. Take care that nothing falls on the machine’s body, not even accidentally.

Also, abstain from placing any heavy stuff on top of the machine. Take care to prevent damage to or even scratches on the glass panel.

Maintenance tips for washing machines

Maintenance of the Door rubber gaskets

The doors of the washing machine are locked with the body during operation. You will find rubber gaskets on the door which are intended to prevent leakage of water while the machine is in use. This also safeguards your hands and clothes against the sharp metallic edges of the machine.

Regularly remaining in contact with water, this part is likely to build up moulds due to the accumulation of humidity.

Thus, there is a possibility of the growth of bacteria. To prevent this, you need to clean the gasket regularly. You may use a wet cloth to clean this part of the machine followed by dry wiping. Also, physically inspect the area to ascertain that there is no visible damage to the rubber gasket as it may lead to water leakage.

Front Load Washing Machine Gasket Cleaning
Clean the rubber gasket regularly

Let the machine dry completely

It is recommended to keep the door of the washing machine open for some time after washing. The objective is to let it dry completely.

It is important to let the drum and the inner portion of the machine dry completely. This will prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the machine. Additionally, keeping the door open will make sure that the machine is free from foul odours the next time you wash your laundry.

How to Clean mold from front load washer gasket
Open the door to let it dry completely

Maintenance of detergent dispensing chamber

The detergent chamber of a washing machine usually has a tray having different compartments to dispense detergent and other additives.

They often remain neglected and are not cleaned after the wash cycle. A gradual accumulation of detergent or other residues in the dispensing tray often goes unnoticed.

Not taking care of them can lead to the growth of bacteria. It generally appears in the form of a greasy, green-coloured coating on the dispensing tray.

The bacteria can infect the clothes and deplete the quality of the washing. Hence, you should make sure to properly clean the detergent dispensing chamber after each wash.

tips to take care of washing machine
Clean the detergent dispensing chamber after each wash

Keep the hosepipes clean

The two hosepipes in the washing machine are located at the point from where the water enters the machine (water inlet pipe), and from where the water drains out (water outlet pipe).

It is important to keep inspecting these hoses occasionally and keep them free from dust or deposits of any type.  Any obstruction in them causes a reduction in the flow of water causing the wash cycles to take a longer time to complete and reducing the efficiency of the wash.

A clean and clear water inlet and outlet hose are very important to increase the effective working life and durability of the washing machine.

How to remove lint from front loader washing machine? Maintenance of lint filter

The lint filters are meant to gather the lint and fluff that comes off the laundry during washing.

It is this lint filter that accumulates the lint and prevents it from blocking the water outlet pipe. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the lint filters at regular intervals. This will not only improve the overall functioning of the washing machine but also add to its lifespan.

It’s neither difficult nor time-taking. So better don’t give any excuses!:-)

Use it sensibly

It might sound funny, but there are people on this planet who use the washing machine for storage purposes when it isn’t washing clothes. 🙂

The top is used to stock the consumables like detergent, additives, etc., and the drum (inside portion) is used as the laundry basket to store soiled clothes. Although, it just seems okay on the face of it, but this practice is best avoided.

This is because there is a huge possibility of spillage of detergent powder or liquid, and other additives on the outer body of the machine if we stack them on top of it. Also, as we’ve noted that the washing machine needs to be kept dry after every use; stuffing it with the laundry for storage purposes will interfere with this objective. It is worthwhile to let the air circulate freely in the internal area of the machine when not in use.

Mind the load

The next important thing which needs to be taken care of to increase its durability is to load it right. By this, we mean that you should not overload it while washing. Every machine has a specific capacity that it can handle efficiently. For instance, a washing machine with a capacity of 8 kg can optimally handle a maximum load of 8 Kg of DRY clothes.

Any excess weight will interfere with the machine’s functioning and can cause avoidable wear and tear.

Use recommended detergent

All well-known washing machine brands recommend the type of detergent which is best suited for the machine. It is advisable to use the recommended quality and quantity of consumables.

washing machine buying guide
Use the correct quality & quantity of detergent

Some brands like IFB have their own range of detergents and additives. Using these or those from other brands is a personal choice. But make sure that the detergent should not be alkaline or too harsh on the clothes.

Feeding your machine the right detergent will definitely improve its longevity.




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