Crompton Mixer Grinder 750w Review

Crompton Mixer Grinder 750w Review

Crompton Mixer Grinder 750w Review: A Great Choice


You need a reliable companion in the kitchen, and the Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder is here to redefine your cooking experience.

Packed with cutting-edge features and a sleek design, this appliance is more than just a mixer grinder; it’s a great choice to manage your daily kitchen chores easily.


  • 750 watts motor capacity
  • 3 jars
  • MaxiGrind Technology for finer grinding results
  • Chrome Plated knobs for elegant look

Crompton Mixer Grinder 750w – Performance Rating

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Overall Score – 4.9/5

Score on Key Performance Parameters

Easy to maintain4.9
Food Processing Quality4.9
Ease to maintain4.9

Why Should You Buy Crompton Ameo 750-watt Mixer Grinder?

The Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder boasts a suite of cutting-edge features designed to transform your kitchen experience.

MaxiGrind Technology for Finer Grinding Results

The heart of the Crompton Ameo lies in its MaxiGrind Technology, ensuring that every grind is a masterpiece.

With precision-engineered stainless steel blades, this mixer grinder guarantees 10% finer grinding results.

Crompton Ameo Mixer Grinder with MaxiGrind Technology

Chrome Plated Knobs

Elegance meets functionality with the chrome-plated knob, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

It provides a great user experience, allowing you to operate the mixer grinder effortlessly.

Motor Vent-X Technology for Enhanced Air Circulation

Now no overheating concerns with the Motor Vent-X Technology.

This innovation ensures optimal air circulation, keeping the 750W Heavy Duty Powertron Motor cool even during extended usage.

It also increases the operation time of the mixer grinder letting you complete the task without a break.

Overload Protector

The overload protector feature prevents the motor from overheating, adding a layer of durability to your appliance.

This ensures a long and reliable lifespan for your Crompton Ameo.

Easy to Clean

A kitchen companion should make life easier.

As such, the Crompton Ameo is designed with easy cleaning in mind.

Its streamlined components and smooth surfaces make maintenance a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters most – preparing your favorite dishes.

3 Stainless Steel Jars with Flow Breakers

Versatility is the key, and this mixer grinder delivers with three stainless steel jars of varying sizes:

  • a 0.5L chutney jar for making flavorful chutneys,
  • a 1L grinding jar for grinding dry spices, and
  • a 1.5L liquidizing jar for blending liquids, semi-liquids, shakes, and smoothies.

Equipped with flow breakers, these jars ensure uniform grinding, making them indispensable for a variety of recipes.

Leakage-Free Jar Lids

Seal in the freshness with leakage-free jar lids.

The Crompton Ameo ensures that your ingredients stay where they belong, eliminating the mess and enhancing the efficiency of your kitchen endeavors.

Ergonomic Handle Design for Firm Grip

Precision and control are essential in the kitchen, and the ergonomic handle design of the Crompton Ameo provides a firm grip.

Anti-Skid Firm Cushion Pads

Safety first – the anti-skid firm cushion pads keep the mixer grinder securely in place, even during the most vigorous blending sessions.

Your kitchen remains accident-free, and your focus stays on creating delightful dishes.

High-Performance Multifunctional Stainless Steel Blades

The high-performance multifunctional stainless steel blades are the unsung heroes behind Crompton Ameo’s superb performance.

From grinding to blending, these blades are engineered for excellence, ensuring consistent results every time.

3-Speed Knob with Pulse/Inch

The 3-speed knob provides you with the flexibility to achieve the perfect texture.

The pulse/inch function adds an extra layer of precision, giving you complete control over your ingredients.

Strong ABS Body for Longer Product Life

Durability meets style with the strong ABS body of the Crompton Ameo.

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, this mixer grinder promises a longer product life, making it a wise investment for any kitchen.

Warranty and Dimensions

Rest easy with a 2-year warranty, a testament to the confidence Crompton has in the Ameo’s quality. The product’s dimensions (29D x 39.5W x 26H centimeters) ensure it fits seamlessly into your kitchen setup without compromising on performance.

The Design and Its Benefits

The aesthetic appeal of the Crompton Ameo extends beyond its chrome-plated knobs.

Its compact design not only saves valuable countertop space but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen.

The thoughtful placement of the control knob and the striking Black Sea Green color make this mixer grinder a stylish addition to any kitchen.

How Is It Different from the Previous Models?

Crompton has outdone itself with the Ameo by integrating the latest MaxiGrind and Motor Vent-X technologies.

These advancements set it apart from its predecessors, offering superior grinding capabilities, enhanced motor durability, and improved overall performance.

The Ameo is not just an upgrade; it’s a noticeable evolution.

Why Is This Best for You?

The Crompton Ameo is tailored for individuals who appreciate the combination of style and functionality in their kitchen appliances.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, this mixer grinder empowers you to experiment with cooking.

Thanks to its innovative features, robust design, and user-friendly controls.

Say goodbye to kitchen hassles and hello to a seamless cooking experience.

Crompton Ameo Mixer Grinder Demo Video

Crompton Ameo Mixer Grinder Demo Video

Pros & Cons


  1. MaxiGrind Technology: Ensures finer grinding results.
  2. Motor Vent-X Technology: Enhances air circulation for prolonged motor life.
  3. Overload Protector: Prevents motor overheating, ensuring durability.
  4. Easy to Clean: Streamlined components for hassle-free maintenance.
  5. Versatile Jars: Three stainless steel jars with flow breakers for varied applications.
  6. Leakage-Free Jar Lids: Keeps ingredients fresh and kitchen mess-free.
  7. Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip for precise control.
  8. Anti-Skid Pads: Ensures stability during operation.
  9. High-Performance Blades: Multifunctional stainless steel blades for consistent results.
  10. Compact Design: Space-saving and stylish addition to any kitchen.


  1. Weight: Weighing 1000 grams, it may be relatively heavier for some users.


The Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder not only excels in performance but also offers unmatched value for your investment.

With a price range spanning from INR 2700 to 4200, this mixer grinder ensures affordability without compromising on quality.

The Crompton Ameo strikes the perfect balance between cost and functionality, making it a wise and accessible choice for you.

About the Brand

Founded on a rich legacy of quality and reliability, the brand ‘Crompton Greaves’ stands as one of the oldest and most trusted names in India.

With a strong foundation in superior engineering capability and product design, Crompton inspires unparalleled trust among consumers.

In recent years, they have introduced groundbreaking products such as India’s first anti-dust fan and anti-bacterial LED bulb.

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In conclusion, the Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder is not just a kitchen appliance; it’s a kitchen companion designed to enhance your cooking experience.

With its innovative features, stylish design, and user-friendly interface, this mixer grinder stands out as a reliable and indispensable asset in any kitchen.

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