what is the difference between single door and double door refrigerator

What is the difference between Single Door and Double Door Refrigerator?

Single Door vs Double Door Fridge

Which fridge is best – double door or single? Have a quick look at Single Door vs Double Door Refrigerator – at a glance and buy the one that suits you. 👍

You’ll find the list of bestselling models as you scroll down. 😊

Single Door vs Double Door RefrigeratorSingle DoorDouble Door
Outer DoorHas only one outer door. Although the freezer, too, has a door; but it can be reached only through the outer door.Has two doors – separate doors for fridge and freezer.
CapacityUsually available in size as small as 50 litres and can go up to 250 litres.Usually available in sizes from 235 litres to 495 litres.
SizeCan meet the needs of a small family having up to 3 membersA better option for the medium as well as large families having up to 5 members
Electricity usageGenerally consumes less energy than its counterpart.Consumes more power than a single-door refrigerator. Depending on the size and other performance factors, it can consume up to 20% more power.
Size of freezerThe size of the freezer is usually small due to the smaller overall size of the refrigerator.The freezer, being a separate unit, is usually large.
Space occupiedNeeds less space to be kept.Needs more space than a single door refrigerator.
Size of shelvesThe shelves are comparatively smaller.The shelves are more spacious.
FeaturesMost models are simple and lack modern features.Often come with modern features which enhance their functionality as well as performance.
DefrostingUsually requires the ice to be cleared manually from the freezer.Are usually frost-free and do not require defrosting and manually clearing of the ice.
ConvertibilityThe freezer is non-convertible.The freezer is convertible to make it work as a fridge.
Cooling processUsually comes with Direct cool technology whereby the cooling happens with natural convection.Usually feature Frost-free technology and cooling is done using electric fans.
Cost-wiseComparatively cheaper.Comparatively costlier.
Single Door Refrigerator vs Double Door Refrigerator

Single Door Fridge Advantages

The main advantages of single door fridge are:

  • A single door fridge uses less electricity than a double door fridge.
  • Being compact, a single door fridge occupies less space.
  • Single door fridge is cheaper than double door fridge.
  • It’s best suited for small families having 2-3 members.

Disadvantages of Single Door Refrigerator

The main disadvantages of a single door refrigerator are:

  • The freezer of a single door refrigerator is non-convertible. Unlike double door refrigerators, it cannot be used as a fridge.
  • The freezer is of a smaller size in a single door refrigerator.
  • Most single door refrigerators run on Direct Cool technology; the accumulated ice has to be removed manually.
  • Frequent opening of the refrigerator, in order to access the freezer, may result in more power consumption in order to maintain the pre-set temperature.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2023

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BrandCapacity (L)Compressor TypeBase Stand with DrawerEnergy RatingOverall Performance Rating
Samsung192Digital InverterYes44.8/5
Whirlpool215Intellisense InverterYes54.9/5
LG190Smart InverterYes44.8/5

Advantages of Double Door Refrigerator

The major advantages of a double door refrigerator are:

  • Double Door Refrigerators run on frost free cooling technology. So no manual defrosting is required.
  • The Convertible double door refrigerators are more flexible as the freezer can be converted to a fridge whenever you need extra storage space for fresh food items.
  • Double Door Refrigerators come with many useful features such as multiple pre-set convertible modes, and more.
  • With bigger freezer and movable ice trays, a double door fridge gives you more room than a single door refrigerator.
  • It’s best suited for families have more than 3 members.
  • The double door refrigerators come in reasonably large size as well.

Disadvantages of Double Door Refrigerator

The major disadvantages of a double door refrigerator are:

  • Being bulkier than single door refrigerators, the double door refrigerators occupy more space.
  • The double door refrigerators are costlier than the single door refrigerators.
  • Double door refrigerators may not be the ideal choice for smaller families with 2-3 members.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India 2023

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BrandCapacity (L)Compressor TypeConvertibleEnergy RatingOverall Rating Score
Samsung253Digital InverterConvertible34.9/5
Whirlpool265IntelliSense InverterConvertible34.9/5
LG260Smart InverterNon Convertible34.8/5
Haier258Twin InverterConvertible34.8/5
Godrej236Reciprocatory compressorNon Convertible24.7/5

Single Door vs Double Door Refrigerator Power Consumption

The power consumption of most single door refrigerators is less than that of double door refrigerators. However, double door refrigerators offer more features and options than single door refrigerators.

As the technology is advancing each day, even the double door refrigerators are evolving as ‘Energy-Efficient Models.’

It’s advisable not to rely only on a single factor like the power consumption while choosing between the single door and double door refrigerators. Instead, the overall functionality, benefits and convenience should be weighed against the energy usage to derive the final conclusion.

After all, each family is unique and has its own distinct requirements. So you can go either for a single door refrigerator or a double door fridge as per your needs.


Single Door Frost Free Refrigerator

If you are looking for a single door frost free refrigerator, you must’ve observed that most of the renowned brands offer models running on Direct Cool technology.

This means that single door frost free refrigerators aren’t usually available in the market.

But in the present-day single door refrigerators, defrosting has become quite easy. Many models give you the convenience of defrosting by pressing a single button.

Fridge Double Door Single Door

Are you caught in the ‘Fridge Double Door Single Door’ confusion? Don’t worry… Read the resources that can really help you to make an informed choice.

LG Refrigerator

LG Refrigerators are really good ones. They offer feature-rich refrigerators with Smart Inverter and Inverter Linear Compressors. Not only the cooling is even and efficient, but they also use less power. So you save on your electricity bills.

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Well, What is the difference between Single Door and Double Door Refrigerator? This question of yours must have been adequately answered by now. The answer to the obvious query – single door or double door refrigerator – which is better – lies in the intended usage of the refrigerator.

The need of a small family with moderate use can be met with a single-door refrigerator; whereas a bigger family having generous requirements shall do better with a double-door fridge. Think over, assess your need and pick up the one which suits your requirements.





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