Bosch MGM8842GIN vs MGM8842MIN: Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W Mixer Grinders Comparison


The Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W series is a favored choice for consumers seeking high-performance mixer grinders, featuring two variants – the MGM8842GIN and the MGM8842MIN. Both variants possess the same features and benefits, a notable distinction lies in their color options.


When it comes to high-performance mixer grinders, the Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W series stands out as a popular choice among consumers.

Bosch offers two variants in this series: the MGM8842GIN and the MGM8842MIN.

While these two models share most of their features and benefits, there is one distinct difference that sets them apart – their color.

In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the details of these variants, ensuring that you make an informed decision for your kitchen.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro: Rating & Score

Overall Score – 4.9/5

Score on Key Performance Parameters

Food Processing Quality4.9
Motor Efficiency4.9
Easy to use & maintain5.0

Difference Between Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN

Color Options

Let’s start with the primary difference between Bosch mgm8842gin and mgm8842min TrueMixx Pro 1000 W mixer grinders:

  • Bosch MGM8842GIN: This variant comes in a contemporary Black Grey color, adding a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen decor.
  • Bosch MGM8842MIN: In contrast, the MGM8842MIN variant boasts a classic Black color, offering a timeless and minimalist appearance.

At a Glance – Difference Between Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN

ColorBlack greyBlack
Table explaining the difference between Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN (Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W mixer grinders)

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W Mixer Grinder

Similarities Between Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN

Powerful 1000W 3-C Series Motor

Designed with 100% copper windings, these mixer grinders deliver high torque for exceptional grinding performance.

Unique Stone Pounding Technology

Both the MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN TrueMixx Pro mixer grinders feature Bosch’s innovative Stone Pounding Technology.

This technology recreates the traditional pounding effect, delivering an authentic taste in dry grinding recipes.

It achieves this through a powerful HiFlux motor and a specially designed blunt PoundingBlade, ensuring that your dishes maintain their traditional texture and flavor.

Active Flow Breaker

Enhancing wet grinding applications, the innovative Active Flow Breaker Jars in these mixer grinders give you finer, fluffier batters.

This technology ensures that your dishes turn out perfectly, thanks to enhanced aeration and high-performance grinding capabilities.

Active flow breaker of Bosch TrueMixx Pro mixer grinder – Demo Video

Multiple Jars

Both variants come with four jars:

  1. Blender jar (1500ml),
  2. Dry grinding jar (1000ml),
  3. Chutney grinding jar (400ml), and
  4. Wet Grinding Jar (1500ml).

The blender jar also includes a MaxxJuice extractor (fruit filter) accessory.

MaxxJuice Extractor (Fruit Filter)

If you love fresh fruit juices and smoothies, you’ll appreciate that both variants come with a MaxxJuice extractor accessory.

This fruit filter allows you to prepare delicious and healthy beverages by extracting juice directly from fruits, making your mornings more convenient.

Five Different Blades

Both variants include five distinct blades tailored to various grinding tasks:

  • PoundingBlade: Uniquely designed with thick edges, this blade replicates the pounding effect on dry ingredients, ensuring an authentic texture and taste in your recipes.
  • Dry Grinding Blade: Perfect for grinding dry spices and ingredients to fine powders.
  • Wet Grinding Blade: Designed to efficiently handle wet grinding tasks, such as making idli or dosa batter.
  • Chutney Blade: Ideal for creating smooth and flavorful chutneys.
  • Blender Jar Blade: For blending and mixing tasks, such as making smoothies or milkshakes.
Blade TypeUsed with which JarUsed for
PoundingBladeMediumSambhar masala, garam masala, rasam powder, puliyodharai masala, idli podi
Dry grinding bladeMediumTurmeric, coriander seeds, black pepper, cumin, red chilli powder, almonds, rice powder
Wet grinding bladeBigIdli batter, dosa batter, tomato purée
Chutney bladeChutneyGinger garlic paste, coconut chutney, coriander chutney  
Blender jar bladeBlenderChickoo milkshake, banana milkshake, soya milk, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, orange/sweet lime juice etc.
Table explaining the different types of blades that come with Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN mixer grinders and their uses

Ice-proof Mixing Beaker

Both variants come with ice-proof mixing beakers, allowing you to crush ice without any hassle, expanding your culinary possibilities.

Number of Speed Settings

You can choose from three different speed settings along with a pulse function, offering precise control over your grinding and blending tasks.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the jar handles ensures easy and comfortable handling, reducing strain on your hands during extended use.

Cable Management

For easy storage and handling, both mixer grinders feature cable management, keeping your countertop clutter-free.

Concealed Bush

The concealed bush design prevents contamination during mixing and grinding, ensuring hygiene and safety.

Unique “Waterfall” Body Design

Adding to their aesthetic appeal, both variants feature a unique “waterfall” body design that not only looks superior but also contributes to their overall functionality.

Overload Protector

For added safety, these mixer grinders are equipped with an overload protector mechanism.

It automatically switches off in case of excess loading, thick paste, or low voltage conditions.

Maximum Power

They have a maximum power of 1,000 W and a max rotation speed of 24,000 min-1.

Superior Quality

Both models feature stainless steel jars and blades, ensuring high performance and long-lasting durability.

High-Quality ABS Body

With a high-quality and long-lasting ABS body, these mixer grinders are built to withstand daily use.

Robust Components

With robust metal-reinforced Nylon 66 couplers, tough Nylon 6 lid-locks, and strong jar sockets made of ABS, these mixer grinders are built to last.


Both variants have dimensions of 495 x 210 x 219 mm and a net weight of 5.2 kg.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W Mixer Grinder

At a Glance – Similarities Between Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN

Bosch MGM8842MIN vs MGM8842GINMGM8842GINMGM8842MIN
Maximum Power1,000 W1,000 W
Max. rotation speed24,000 min-124,000 min-1
Blender Jar – 1.5L ✅ ✅
Dry Grinding Jar – 1L ✅ ✅
Chutney Jar – 0.4L ✅ ✅
Wet Grinding Jar – 1.5L ✅ ✅
Jar MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
PoundingBlade ✅ ✅
Dry grinding blade ✅ ✅
Wet grinding blade ✅ ✅
Chutney blade ✅ ✅
Blender jar blade ✅ ✅
MaxxJuice extractor (fruit filter) ✅ ✅
Blade design4-wing blade4-wing blade
Blade materialStainless steelStainless steel
Material bodyABS PlasticABS Plastic
Material of the mixing beakerStainless steelStainless steel
Ice-proof mixing beaker
Number of speed settings3+pulse3+pulse
Safety deviceOverload fuseOverload fuse
Dimensions495 x 210 x 219 mm495 x 210 x 219 mm
Net weight5.2 kg5.2 kg
By hand, using the spatula120.0 cm120.0 cm
Removable Accessories
Blade removalBy hand, using the spatulaBy hand, using spatula
Table explaining the similarities between Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN (Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W mixer grinders)

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Demo Video

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Demo Video | Courtesy – Bosch India

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W Mixer Grinder

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Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W Mixer Grinder


In conclusion, the Bosch MGM8842GIN and MGM8842MIN TrueMixx Pro 1000 W mixer grinders are incredibly similar in terms of features and benefits.

You can rest assured that these mixer grinders will deliver high-quality performance, durability, and versatility to elevate your culinary experiences in the kitchen.

Happy cooking!

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W Mixer Grinder

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